Arfa Khanum Sherwani tried her best to become the biggest sycophant of Rahul Gandhi

It seems that Arfa is the new entrant in the list of those journalists who have a soft corner for the Congress party and Rahul Gandhi.

Arfa Khanum Sherwani
Arfa Khanum Sherwani visits Rahul Gandhi's bathroom

“Rahul Gandhi has come of the age and he is ready to rule India!” We are witnessing such a left-liberal-type narrative for last at least one and a half years. Liberal journalists have tried their best to make Rahul Gandhi the most reliable leader of India. But because Rahul Gandhi carries a ‘different kind of intelligence’ he always fails these liberal journalists. Currently, Rahul Gandhi is on the move across India with 60 luxury containers for his Bharat Jodo Yatra. Arfa Khanum Sherwani, another left-lib journalist tried her best to call these luxury containers basic and simple, but she got trapped within her lies.

Arfa who is a journalist with the left propaganda website The Wife has uploaded a video on YouTube where she can be seen visiting the luxury container in which Rahul Gandhi is roaming around India. Over here one can see Congress general secretory Jairam Ramesh along with Arfa and he is happily showing the container to her like a tourist guide.

When Arfa enters the bathroom of Rahul Gandhi, she calls this bathroom ‘a basic bathroom’. Now one can easily see the amenities that are fitted in this bathroom which probably are not at par with a 5 Star hotel bathroom but it is still can be compared with a 3 Star hotel’s bathroom. The geyser or the commode, or the way a towel has been put up in the hanger in Rahul’s bathroom can certainly be part of a bathroom that one can witness in a slightly expensive hotel and that can’t be called ‘basic’.

The matter doesn’t end here. First one can see that the Congress General Secretory Jairam Ramesh is avoiding Arfa Khanum Sherwani, but when there is no chance he can avoid the lady he shows the wardrobe of Rahul Gandhi and adds that he (Gandhi) puts not less than 30 to 40 T-shirts in this wardrobe. At this point in time Arfa crosses almost all the limits of sycophancy and says that she is trying to find the jackets just to check whether Rahul tries to hide from the severe cold of North India. This explanation by Arfa has a direct connection to the left media propaganda on why Rahul Gandhi doesn’t feel cold in Delhi.

Then Ramesh shows AC and heater in this luxury container that provides only ‘basic necessities’ and adds that while the yatra is in its final stage and going through Haryana and Jammu & Kashmir the importance of this heater is immense. Even after seeing this luxury Arfa just like her like-minded media persons, who don’t mind calling journos ‘Godi Media’ who don’t agree with her ideology, calls Rahul Gandhi ‘a Tapasvi’ and sticks with her ultra-sycophancy towards Rahul and Congress.

How can one be called Tapasvi when he is roaming India from the South to the North in a luxurious container? By doing this probably the lady journalist of the Wire might have tried to raise her name in the good books of Rahul Gandhi as she might have got excited to have an ‘exclusive visit’ of this luxurious container.

Surprisingly, a common person can see and hear in the video what exactly the container is all about. Plus Jairam Ramesh confirms 30-40 T-shirts of Rahul Gandhi, a geyser, a heater, and other luxuries that have remained within the container. Not only that later Ramesh adds that to park these 60 luxury containers of Bharat Jodo Yatra they need 2-acre land each night.

Every week the laundry of Rahul Gandhi’s used clothes is done, for Arfa and likes that is probably one of the ‘basic needs’. One more thing that Jairam Ramesh has confirmed is that Congress has not purchased these 60 containers manufactured by Tata and Eicher, but they have taken them on rent, yet Arfa Khanum Sherwani didn’t show the dare to ask Ramesh how much rent ‘the Tapasvi’ is paying for these luxury containers every day?

Despite the facts that are in front of everyone to see and believe through a video, Arfa tries her very best to prove Rahul Gandhi as Tapasvi. It seems that the Congress and its ecosystem, in which the journalists like Arfa Khanum Sherwani are included, still think that the common people of India are still stupid and will accept whatever they say to them as facts.

In the past Congress-tilted neutral journalists like Ravish Kumar and Rajdeep Sardesai also have taken interviews with Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi respectively. They too asked soft and family-based friendly questions to them and not uncomfortable politics-based questions just to keep the image of Gandhi unhurt. It seems that Arfa is the new entrant in the list of those journalists who have a soft corner for the Congress party and Rahul Gandhi.

12th January 2023, Thursday




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