Rahul Gandhi the Tapasvi who doesn’t know the basics of Hindu dharma

In past also on various platforms and in discussions like many other political experts, despite being not the expert myself, I have said that Congress needs to get rid of the Gandhi family first, and then only it can think of getting back power in New Delhi

Rahul Gandhi the Tapasvi
Is Rahul Gandhi a Tapasvi?

Just a few days before the year 2022 ended, Sudheendra Kulkarni, so called intellectual joined Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra and called him a Tapasvi. Since then the word Tapasvi is refused to get out of the mind of Rahul Gandhi. For the last 10 to 15 days the Congress party is trying to portray a narrative that is called Rahul Gandhi the Tapasvi, who knows the man himself is behind this idea of creating such propaganda. Because once the master orders something the slaves have to follow his orders and hence this Tapasvi thing is making rounds on social media and national media due to their well-oiled ecosystem.

After Sudheendra Kulkarni’s analogy, Rahul Gandhi was seen in a t-shirt only in the chilling weather of New Delhi, and again this Tapasvi word was seen everywhere on social media. Rahul too got obsessed with this word and attached every action and word of his with this word he ‘invented’ and that is Tapasvi. But by overdoing Rahul Gandhi the Tapasvi thing, as usual he started to make and present bloopers to the Indians and when I am writing this, the people of India are actually enjoying his fresh bloopers coming out every day rather than taking him seriously.

As we all know that in the last four to five years Congress and Rahul Gandhi remember Hindu dharma and Hindus only when they are in need of votes. We all know that this year there are going to be assembly elections in many states. Rahul Gandhi The Tapasvi, who avoided Gujarat when it was in the middle of the election and kept on walking in the Bharat Jodo Yatra, actually thinks that with the same yatra, he and his party will gain a few states in those upcoming assembly elections of 2023.

So, while walking for Bharat Jodo Yatra Rahul Gandhi is trying to give examples from Hindu dharma books and making a dud for himself and making the position of his party more shameful. A few days back Rahul Gandhi tried to compare his yatra with the message given in Shrimad Bhagvat Gita, which is to keep doing your karma without worrying about the results. But while doing that Rahul ji mixed the Draupadi swayamvar episode with it and that made people laugh a lot.


Then Rahul Gandhi the Tapasvi who is so obsessed with him being the Tapasvi made an insulting comparison between Tapasvi and Pujari. He said that BJP and RSS force people to do puja of them but Congress doesn’t because they are Tapasvis and India is a nation of Tapasvis and not Pujaris. This was seriously hurting the sentiments of millions of Hindus across the globe. In Hinduism Tapasvis and Pujaris are seen with an utmost and similar amount of respect, but while trying to get Hindu votes and not having enough knowledge of Hindu dharma Rahul Gandhi insulted the entire Hindu religion.

Yesterday again the Mahabharat featured in Rahul Gandhi’s tapasvi analogy. Rahul Gandhi said in a press conference that the Pandavs didn’t implement demonetization and GST because they were Tapasvis! To be honest, such an analogy or comparison is behind anyone’s intelligence and thus I don’t even want to make any comment on that, just make an analysis by yourself.

Then Rahul Gandhi the Tapasvi brought Shivji into his mad circus. He said that RSS doesn’t talk about Shiv Ji because he was a tapasvi. Again another stupid or foolish comment that deserves to remain unnoticed, but when it comes from a top leader of the grand old party of India we can’t even ignore it just like that.

The only point after seeing Rahul Gandhi making so many bloopers one can think about is that his advisors have told him that to win Lok Sabha or as many assemblies this year he has to lure Hindus. Why? Because maybe as per his advisors Narendra Modi and the BJP right now are ruling Hindu hearts and currently there is very little chance that Hindus would leave Modi and the BJP alone.

Trying to get votes on caste and religion basis is not new in Indian politics; actually, it is the main flavor of Indian election mentality. But now that Hindus of India have awakened and have started asking for their rights and the justice they deserve, talking about Hindu epics without any substance is nothing but tokenism. Rahul Gandhi probably doesn’t know about this fact or probably doesn’t want to know what the real Hindu dharma is.

Rahul Gandhi and Congress have lost most of the states, not winning two consecutive Lok Sabha elections and have no chance of winning the next one as well, and are now desperate to get back into power. They want Hindu votes not by practicing Hindu dharma but by just doing loose talks about it. But as mentioned above the Hindus of India are awakened, well most of them are at least. They are also aware and getting the facts right from various platforms that what India could have achieved under Congress rule for not less than seven decades, but haven’t. Because Hindus of India have seen much better governance within the country and better foreign policy outside of it in the last almost eight years.

Hindus of India are now feeling that India could have been in a much more strong position than what it is today had the successive Congress governments taken even 10% of interest in good governance. Hence, the future road for the Congress and Rahul Gandhi is not bumpy but it is a road made in between potholes. This will make it very tough for them in the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections.

Despite being a huge critic of Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party I am accepting the fact that the Bharat Jodo Yatra is one of the rare serious efforts they have put on in the last 7 to 8 years. But with Rahul Gandhi, the Tapasvi like foolish attempts have completely ruined whatever it could have gained at the end of this yatra in Kashmir.

In past also on various platforms and in discussions like many other political experts, despite being not the expert myself, I have said that Congress needs to get rid of the Gandhi family first, and then only it can think of getting back power in New Delhi in next one or two decades. If they are to continue with Rahul Gandhi or any other member of the Gandhi family, they will remain under three digits count in the Lok Sabha.

Till we meet next time it’s Avjo from me!

10th January 2022, Tuesday





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