INDIA vs NDA in 2024: Are we Indians really stupid to buy this logic?

If the mainstream media and Congress leaders feel that after Bharat Jodo Yatra, Rahul Gandhi has emerged as a strong opposition leader, they live in a fool's paradise.

India Vs NDA
Opposition parties' meeting at Bengaluru (Photo Courtesy: The Hindu)

Being a huge cricket fan, I can sense which team is serious and which is not. The opposition parties’ meeting in Bengaluru was a seriously non-serious event. My conclusion is that they still believe that Indians are still living in the past century. They will grab whatever they offer with both hands and perhaps that is why they have coined a new terminology of India Vs NDA for the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections 2024.

We all know that Narendra Modi has coined the term ‘India First’, which means that whatever his government does, it will put the interest of India first. He has been saying this and implementing it time and again. Whether it is the surgical strike and air strikes on Pakistan or making India’s image on the world stage bigger than ever before, he has done it quite remarkably. All such actions have made us, the Indians, proud of ourselves and our great nation.

It looks like before deciding on something concrete, the opposition wanted to play with the voters’ sentiments, which is why they have named their alliance I-N-D-I-A (Indian National Democratic Inclusive Alliance). Straight after this ‘naming ceremony’, enthusiastic spokespersons of various alliance partners started calling the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 INDIA vs NDA.

This is an example of their poor thinking that by naming our alliance equal to the sentiments of ordinary Indians, we won the big battle before it even started. Isn’t it the same way their governments work in the past and present? Name something big, and then there is no action to implement it? One would believe that naming themselves INDIA will be another example of it, and that is to garner votes in the name of India, and then once power is grabbed, will do nothing.

A low-key show-off by India’s opposition parties happened in 2019 also and accidentally at Bengaluru only when HD Kumaraswamy took oath as the CM of Karnataka. After that show of strength, we all know that NDA gained more seats than in the 2014 elections, and after that, no opposition party remained a united front.

Now that the Congress has single-handedly won the majority in Karnataka, this time around, the show-off is also more significant than the last time, and that is why new names etc., have been given more importance than why exactly they have gathered and how they will go ahead in the upcoming elections. This is the fundamental nature of Indian opposition Today, not doing anything concrete but just building a narrative.

Now let us come to the term of India vs NDA. There are plenty of fissures in their I-N-D-I-A itself, and a fan of Indian politics can easily suggest that this bunch of parties will fall apart when actual elections come near. Notably, though, Mayawati, who was part of that opposition show-off of 2019, remained absent in the latest show-off, suggesting how hollow this so-called opposition unity is. Should I also mention how this I-N-D-I-A alliance has completely ignored BRS and Chandra Shekhar Rao’s importance in big states like Telangana?

To look at the complex picture, we must check this tweet from Rahul Shrivastava of India Today. He has quoted CPI(M)’s Sitaram Yechury, who has categorically said that his party will fight Congress in Kerala and TMC+BJP in West Bengal in the next year’s Lok Sabha elections. Yechury has also said there will be no PM face for the newly formed alliance.

This statement has come just after that grand show held for two days; now imagine the scenario once the Election Commission of India announces the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 program. Forget the seat sharing between parties; there will be a fight between two party candidates to fight the election on every seat.

A Congress probably will fight against RJD and JDU for a particular seat in Bihar, despite their bosses having agreed on some seat-sharing program. A similar fight can be seen between Samajwadi Party candidates and Congress candidates in Uttar Pradesh. One can picture the same in Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, and Andhra Pradesh.

We mentioned Mayawati and Chandra Shekhar Rao. Will they not play the spoil spot in vote share because they are not part of this India Vs NDA business, and they will put their candidates in most of the seats? By the way, I have not ignored Asadduddin Owaisi and his AIMIM’s ability to cut down the votes when counting minority seats across India.

BSP, BSR, and AIMIM are still big parties, but what about smaller parties in the North-East and states like Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh? They will also ask for their share, no matter how small, leading to problems for this new alliance I-N-D-I-A.

This alliance will not name the PM’s face because they want to win the election first, and this defensive approach will also cost them big. In this battle of India Vs NDA, the NDA already has a prevalent face for PM Narendra Modi. His works of the last nine years now speak for themselves. Not only that, in the last nine years, no survey, whether conducted by an Indian agency or a foreign one, had given him a second place when they asked people to vote for the best politician to become India’s PM.

The reason behind this is that after that yatra, Rahul Gandhi went to the UK and the USA, and over there in his speeches and interviews, he has only tarnished the image of India by saying that there is no rule of law under the current Modi Government. People of India were in shock after listening to Rahul Gandhi’s utterances.

So, India’s choice is clear: when it comes to leading the nation, there is no better person than Narendra Modi. If the mainstream media and Congress leaders feel that after Bharat Jodo Yatra, Rahul Gandhi has emerged as a strong opposition leader, they live in a fool’s paradise. With this forcefully coined name for their alliance, the intelligent voter of India will go further far from these parties as he knows that naming India is not enough to get support; one has to show how ‘Indian’ he is in the first place.

Finally, will the NDA not reply to this term I-N-D-I-A most strongly? It sure will, and no better person exists than Narendra Modi himself. Just wait and keep watching his subsequent public appearances and speeches, and you will see how strongly he and his party will come on this India vs NDA stupidity. Even social media is making fun of and exposing this foolish terminology.

We have plenty of time to witness how this new opposition alliance and this India vs NDA terminology is falling apart.

That’s all from my side, till we meet next time it’s Aavjo!

19.07.2023, Tuesday




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