Boycotting parliament inauguration won’t give you victory in 2024; Opposition parties of India have become a joke

The examples I have given above are just to show the lies of Congress and the opposition parties, but the actual problem or as we say in Gujarati the real reason for having pain in the tummy is Narendra Modi.

New Parliament Building
Narendra Modi overlooking new Lok Sabha (Photo Courtesy: NDTV)

Whenever there is an election that has just concluded in India the losing party leaders always say that they will play the role of constructive opposition in the house. Even the BJP had said this in the past and wasn’t 100% when it came to implementation. But, one must admit that the BJP never did acts of joker when it was in the opposition. Boycotting the new parliament building is one more Joker act from the opposition that is not only foolish but also shows the bankruptcy of their political thinking.

They still believe that opposing every act of Narendra Modi will fetch them tons of votes. This mentality started in 2002 and despite losing badly every time when they attacked Narendra Modi directly they still practicing that regularly. The Indian opposition is currently boycotting the inauguration of the new parliament building, just because Narendra Modi is going to inaugurate it. The irony is that their call for boycotting has come when Modi has been called ‘the boss’ publically by the Australian Prime Minister in Australia.

The opposition says that the constitutional head the President of India Draupadi Murmu should do the honors. Personally, I feel that it will be good too. But at the same time, my counter-logic is that the Lok Sabha is the place where the representatives are elected directly by the people of India sit and make decisions. The Prime Minister of India is called the ‘leader of the house’ in Lok Sabha. The parliament constitutes both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha but Lok Sabha is the place where people’s wishes are being said directly so it should be the Prime Minister who is the leader of that house who must do the inauguration of the new parliament building.

Now let’s come to the double standards of Congress on Draupadi Murmu first. It is a constitutional right of the opposition to field a candidate for the elections of the President of India, but Draupadi Murmu comes from an Adivasi family and Congress always portrays itself as the savior of Adivasis fielded Yashwant Sinha against her and does not let her get elected unopposed, no problem. But the Congress leader Ajoy Kumar before the elections said that Draupadi Murmu represents a ‘very evil philosophy’. Later after Murmu became the President of India leader of Congress in the Lok Sabha Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury called her ‘Rashtrapatni’ and later get away with this insult saying he doesn’t know Hindi well.

So, the Congress and under it the opposition has never shown any good gesture for the President of India till now and they even had boycotted her address to the joint session of the parliament in the past. But they are hell-bent that only President should do the inauguration of the new parliament building. The examples I have given above are just to show the lies of Congress and the opposition parties, but the actual problem or as we say in Gujarati the real reason for having pain in the tummy is Narendra Modi. Their only wish is that Narendra Modi shouldn’t do the inauguration and that’s it.

Now let us break their logic with some technicalities. They say that being the constitutional head only President should do the inauguration, similarly as per the constitution the Governor is the constitutional head of state. But in 2011 the new building of the Manipur Assembly was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the Chairperson of the UPA Sonia Gandhi. One wonders what constitutional authority Mrs. Gandhi was having at that time. Yet she co-inaugurated the Manipur Assembly building and not the Manipur governor at that time.

Similarly, just three years ago the bhoomi pujan of the new Chhattisgarh Assembly building was done by two Congress MPs Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. The then Governor of Chhattisgarh Anasuya Ukei wasn’t even invited, as per Congress’ logic she was the constitutional head of the state of Chhattisgarh but she wasn’t invited and two MPs did the bhoomi pujan. So technically also Congress’ logic and argument both fell flat here.

Again, the problem is Narendra Modi. The fact that a simple chai wala who ended the long rule of the Congress in 2014 still can’t be digested by the grand old party of India even after almost 10 years now. I have said, written, and argued this many times in the past on various platforms that the people of India have left 2014 behind them but Congress and almost all of the opposition parties have stayed there. They feel that age-old political tactics will still work and by insulting, mocking, and abusing Narendra Modi they will win the elections.

Recently Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge called Narendra Modi a snake during the campaigning for Karnataka Assembly Elections and Modi took advantage of it. Although BJP lost the elections that doesn’t mean that this strategy of insulting Modi will get you a Lok Sabha majority next year.

In some of the states, the Modi magic may not work, but at a national level, he still enjoys a heavy percentage of the popular votes. Indian voter for the last many years has shown maturity by voting for different parties for the state and center. BJP may lose some states but at the national level even today the people of India can’t see beyond Narendra Modi as their PM.

Even Navin Patnaik and YS Jaganmohan Reddy are not part of the ruling NDA, but we never saw them joining the opposition bandwagon they are always in the mood of opposing everything that Narendra Modi proposes. These two smart politicians are the perfect examples of the constructive opposition Congress and the rest always talk about after losing every election.  In fact, YS Jaganmohan Reddy has already confirmed that his MPs will attend the inauguration of the new parliament building and said that boycotting the ceremony is not in the true spirit of democracy.

Narendra Modi on the other hand knows how to turn the hate towards him into votes, despite this fact I really wonder why the opposition parties don’t stop doing what they are doing for the last two decades now. Find something different to oppose Modi because targeting him personally has never got them success in the elections. People of India today are seeing this boycott of the opposition parties as against the true spirit of democracy and I am sure Narendra Modi will surely bring this during the campaign of next year’s Lok Sabha Elections.

We also remember that the opposition parties also boycotted the joint session of the Parliament on GST as well. Such special occasions are actually the tools for showing the public that we are really a constructive opposition and not destructive or in other words conveying that we are not running away from our duties. These days social media is so cruel that it can tarnish any illogical views by digging into your own facts of the past and showing them to your face. Manipur and Chhattisgarh incidents came out on social media only after Congress argued that the President of India should inaugurate the new parliament building. Had Congress not brought up this poor argument nobody would have dug its past and put it in a shameful position.

One must not forget that it was Narendra Modi’s initiative to have a new parliament building because there will be an increment soon in the number of seats both in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. When this Central Vista program was announced the opposition opposed that as well. But now that the new parliament building is ready within the proposed time limit they are again opposing the inauguration. So, again it’s proven that for our opposition parties, the problem is Narendra Modi and nothing else.

Being a citizen of India, I congratulate my fellow citizens on having a grand new Parliament House which was really the need of the hour.

That’s all from me today. Till we meet next time it’s Avjo from me.

25th May 2024, Thursday




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