Let’s visit an amazing world of passionate Pakistani cricket YouTubers

Pakistan is also passionate about its cricket. But there are many YouTubers across that nation who are not only passionate but also got great knowledge of the game. Let us look at five of the best Pakistan cricket YouTubers.

Pakistani cricket YouTubers
Five of the best Pakistani Cricket YouTubers

The world has become even smaller after YouTube arrived on our mobiles in a big way. There are plenty of channels created and run by normal people like me and you on YouTube and they got instant fame. One can’t deny the hard work, passion, and quality of content they provide while presenting their views. Among these, I find Pakistani cricket YouTubers one of the most passionate ones regarding what they are doing. Maybe it is my ignorance but I haven’t seen cricket-specific YouTubers from India.

Yes, there are plenty of YouTubers in India who talk about Indian politics and the geopolitics of the world, but what I have observed there are none or not many who stream their view about Indian cricket and Indian cricketers. Maybe because of this reason, I find Pakistani cricket YouTubers attractive and different when I log in to YouTube and want to spice up my free time.

I have been regularly following five Pakistani cricket YouTubers since ICC T20 World Cup 2020 semi-final when Pakistan lost to Mathew Wade…oops to Australia. The next day of that match while surfing YouTube first I found a video of Wassay Habib and later the platform itself started to promote many other Pakistani YouTubers who talk about cricket almost every day. Since then if I follow and watch regularly almost every cricket game the Pakistani team plays, then these are the five YouTubers about whom I am going to share my views today in this blog.

Cricket Ki Duniya by: Ali and Daud

Visit Cricket Ki Duniya by clicking here

Well, without knowing Ali and Daud I can safely say that these two gentlemen must be good friends before starting their YouTube channel called Cricket Ki Duniya. Like all five Pakistani cricket YouTubers I am going to talk about these two buddies who are also passionate about Pakistan cricket. They present their views on international cricket as well when other notable games are happening in the cricket world.

Ali and Daud are having good knowledge of cricket and can present their views with utmost honesty. For me, they are the most underrated cricket YouTubers from Pakistan. I have seen their many videos and sometimes even their live sessions and can say that if you want to know honest and less biased views on Pakistan cricket you should visit their channel and get a look at their videos.

CBA – Arslan Naseer by Arslan Naseer himself

Visit CBA – Arslan Naseer by clicking here

Out of all Pakistani cricket YouTubers I found Arslan Naseer totally different. I haven’t googled about him but it seems that he must be an actor or at least a stand-up comedian in Pakistan. He got a subtle comic sense of his that can make you smile. What similarity I find between me and Arslan is that we both can criticize our respective and beloved cricket teams and their players in a soft-spoken manner, but we can’t bash or thrash them at all.

Arslan is very good at sarcasm so a sarcasm lover myself, I find his videos on cricket extremely humorous without laughing out loud. This guy got a great knowledge of cricket and has definitely a different style to analyse the game and present it in a lighter manner before his audience. From many shouting Pakistani cricket YouTubers Arslan Naseer stands different for sure.

Now I come to three of my favorite Pakistani YouTube channels that present cricket analysis on an almost daily basis. They are not in order of my liking; just that I will talk about them one after one as their names would come to my mind.

Rizwan Haider by Rizwan Haider himself and Mohsin Ali

Visit Rizwan Haider’s channel by clicking here

If you want to see perfect cricket analysis you should watch Rizwan Haider and Mohsin Ali. Both are sports journalists from Pakistan and they also analyze and share their views on cricket on YouTube. Although Mohsin Ali himself runs his separate YouTube channel he also sits with Rizwan Haider on the latter’s channel. I found Rizwan Haider one of the calmest among all Pakistani cricket YouTubers. He is the one whom Pakistan cricket captain Babar Azam once asked “aur kuchh tou baaki nahi reh gaya?” in a post-match press conference when Rizwan Haider asked him a few pointed questions.

With Mohsin Ali who is more talkative among the two when they discuss cricket on the channel one can sense that a proper cricketing analysis has been done here. Mohsin Ali himself is a known sports journo and sometimes his predictions also have come true about a cricket game. Rizwan Haider too sometimes gets sarcastic just to let Mohsin Ali blast with his strong views on bad performances by the Pakistani cricket team and that makes their discussion very interesting.

Wassay Habib by Wassay Habib himself and Iffybhai

Visit Wassay Habib’s channel by clicking here

If you are in a different room and not in your living room where TV Wassay Habib channel is streaming, then you probably will think that two guys are having a big verbal fight between them. This pair of Wassay Habib himself and his partner Iffybhai, another known sports journalist of Pakistan would make sure that their harshest of criticism regarding the Pakistani cricket team’s poor performance would go unnoticed.

At times their highly pitched views sound eccentric and over the top but what I have found is that they care a lot about Pakistan cricket because they got great knowledge about the game that is played between two pairs of stumps separated by 22 yards. These two are the harshest critics of Babar Azam’s captaincy and his batting. Iffybhai is the one who gave the now popular adjective ‘Mere Ghante Ka King’ to the world for Babar Azam. While watching this channel as a starter you probably won’t find their time-to-time shouting suitable to your listening tolerance, but once you start understanding their passion and care about their national team you will start loving these two guys.

Sawera Pasha by Sawera Pasha and Ali

Visit Sawera Pasha’s channel by clicking here

You won’t find any other cute couple on YouTube and that too talking cricket, then this one. I am not aware of Ali but Sawera Pasha is a known sports journalist and TV anchor in Pakistan. These two with utmost softness and calmness (and cuteness he he) present their views on Pakistan cricket and the players who play for it. But that doesn’t mean that their criticism is less sharp than any of the Pakistani cricket YouTubers I have mentioned above.

Being a sports journalist Sawera travels a lot where the Pakistan team is playing its cricket but then this couple always makes sure that they do come live to gather once a game gets over. Sawera would sit in the hotel room where she has lodged herself and her husband Ali would be streaming from the comforts of his home and would analyze the game for their viewers.

Some of the common factors between all these Pakistani cricket YouTubers

All or most of them are the biggest critics of Babar Azam, the current Pakistan captain. A few of them would use harsh words for him and the rest would criticize him in their own soft-spoken ways. All of them or most of them I have found is the biggest if not staunchest fans of Virat Kohli. Like the majority of Indian cricket fans when Virat was not going well for at least two years these guys from Pakistan would also feel disappointed after every failure of Kohli.

When it comes to comparing Virat Kohli with Babar Azam, most of the Pakistan cricket fans on social media would prefer Babar Azam as a better player but all of these Cricket YouTubers from Pakistan in unison would reject this claim and would say that Virat Kohli is way better than Babar and there can’t be any comparison between them. In the last few months, Virat Kohli has scored three centuries and all three have been celebrated by all these Pakistani YouTubers just like we did in India.

All these people have also felt bad and sad when after so many years, in fact, decades, teams like Australia, England, and New Zealand traveled to their nation and highways like flat pitches furnished by the PCB. In unanimity, they criticized these pitches heavily which provided no result or backfired as Australia and England won their respective Test series in Pakistan. I think all of them have also criticized Ramiz Raja the then chairman of the PCB with the harshest words possible.

All in all, these guys love their cricket and their cricket team to the core. Because of this, they can’t see the level of Pakistan cricket falling drastically every day. They can’t see Captain Babar Azam, according to them injecting favoritism into the team and leaving eligible and deserving players like Sarfaraz Ahmed and Imad Wasim out of the team. The way they present their views on YouTube may be different than what you or I would have done, but no one can doubt their love and passion for cricket and the knowledge they possess of this great game that we all love.

I wish all of them very good luck and look forward to watching many more videos from these entire five Pakistani cricket YouTubers in the future.

Till we meet next time it’s Avjo from me.

14th January 2023, Saturday (Makarsankranti)




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