Mahabharat Stories – 2: How Brahma ji helped Vedvyas to find a writer for Mahabharat

Vedvyas was always confused about how to write Mahabharat and who will write it. Brahma ji came and not only cleared this confusion but also helped him find an able write to write it.

Brahma ji helped Vedvyas
Brahma ji helping Vedvyas

In the first episode of Mahabharat stories, we learned about who was the first person that narrated this Hindu epic written by Vedvyas. Today in the second episode we will know how Brahma ji helped Vedvyas ji to find an able writer who could write Mahabharat the way Vyasji wanted.

Ugrashrava ji started narrating Mahabharat to the saints and sadhus sitting before him. He said that Vedvyas was the person who knew everything that we find in this world. He was a scholar who knew the present, the past, and the future and had a full understanding of all the sacred scriptures of our religion.

For a very long the story of Mahabharat was making rounds in the mind of Vedvyas ji. He also used to tell this story to people both at length and also sometimes a shortened version of it. But he was confused about how to put this story in a documented format so that his students can read it at length and learn the message behind it in its full meaning.

Brahma ji was aware of this confusion that Vedvyas ji was going through day in and day out. After some time Brahma ji came to Vedvyas and asked him what kind of confusion he is going through regarding Mahabharat. When Vedvyas started telling him his problem, Brahma ji asked him to sit next to him and then let him know what exactly he is feeling.

Obeying Brahma ji’s orders Vedvyas sat near him and said that he has created the best epic of all time in his mind. In this epic, there is everything that exists in this world. But he is not able to find an able writer who could give justice to this story with his narration and this is the thing that is bothering him for a very long.

Brahma ji then told Vedvyas that he is giving his blessings and that this upcoming epic of his will be and will always remain the best in this world, and then he told Vyas ji to call and request Ganesh ji for help in this regard. After saying this Brahma ji traveled back to the Brahma Lok.

By not wasting time Vedvyas immediately made a request to Ganesh ji to come and help him as per Brahma ji’s advice. Ganesh ji then came and stood in front of Vedvyas. Vedvyas told him, “Bhagwan, I have created an epic and I want you to write that epic for me, exactly the way I narrate to you.” Ganesh ji agreed without any hesitation but made one condition. Ganesh ji told Vedvyas that if the narration is stopped anywhere in the middle he will stop writing and will never restart it.

Vyas ji agreed to this condition but he also made a counter condition that Ganesh ji will not write a single word without understanding the actual meaning of it fully. This time Ganesh ji agreed to the condition and said “Tathastu!” (So be it).

So at the start, Vedvyas made some sholks that are the main sholks of this fabulous epic of Hindu dharma. The number of such sholks is 8,800 and after creating them Vedvyas told Ganesh ji that the meaning of all these shloks are known to only me, Shukdev ji, and Sanjay (the charioteer of Dhritrashtra).  So please do not write them without understanding them properly because now they are part of this epic. If you write them without understanding them, people who will read them in the future will not get the actual meaning of it.

By doing this Vedvyas actually played an intelligent game, because, by the time Ganesh ji would understand the meaning of these sholks and write it, Vyas ji would create a few more sholks for him. Because of this smart trick used by Vedvyas, he didn’t have to stop in between and Ganesh ji had to complete the writing of this epic till it actually ended. Another benefit of this was that Ganesh ji wrote all the sholks only after understanding them and thus he too fulfilled the condition made by Vedvyas.

So this is how Mahabharat was written by none other than Ganesh ji himself as suggested by Brahma ji to Vedvyas.

In the next episode, we will know why king Janmejaya and his brothers got cursed and by whom.

So until next time, it’s Avjo from my side.

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17th January 2023, Tuesday




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