Our Sense for Justice is Biased! – A Social Mentality Analysis


Just went through a Facebook post of my friend this morning, where he just placed his views about what could have happen behind Aryan Khan’s arrest. I was about to comment my views on that post soon after reading it, but stopped myself from doing so because many comments before me have been too much personal and insulting to my friend, hence I too got scared and just skipped to comment. This is not a one of the case when people don’t want to hear, read or listen to the opposite view; this has been a gradual increasing practice ever since the emergence of social media.

Chances are that even this blog can be painted as biased towards celebrities or politicians or anti towards one community, so before start reading further, I would request that just make up your mind whether you are really interested in reading the opposite but fair views about our sense of justice, which is biased today?

To put forward my case I will give two examples happened in recent times. First is the untimely death of Sushant Singh Rajput and the second is of Aryan Khan, which is talk of the town (or talk of social media) these days. In Sushant’s death case the social media opinion was heavily biased towards Sushant and in Aryan’s case the same is extremely biased against him.

Whatever were the evidence found with Sushant’s body were not convincing that he has been murdered, else it wouldn’t have taken this long for the CBI to solve the case. But, then social media and one particular news media channel started the propaganda that he has been murdered only and there can’t be anything else, so hang certain people that we have convicted in our studio courtrooms. Yes, it is necessary that the right justice must be served at any cost but by going through the courts and not through social media and TV studio discussions.

The drug angle was also involved in Sushant’s case, but because he committed suicide no one was ready to believe a small possibility that he too might have consumed drugs as well, because you ultimately become what the company you carry. Isn’t it possible that Sushant knew something or was part of some crime related to drugs and at one point of time he couldn’t’ bear the pressure and fear of getting exposed or arrested and then committed suicide? If other suspects in case have been taking drugs then why can’t we think just once that Sushant might have been taking drugs or was involved in exchanging hands with drug paddlers too. But, no! He became a pure soul because the emotions of millions of people were attached with him due to his sudden exit from the earth.

Wish these emotions were attached with him prior to his suicide so that he could have gave himself a few more hit movies and wouldn’t have remain strong and not even thought of committing suicide in the first place. Being a movie buff myself, I have never considered Sushant Singh Rajput a brilliant actor, he was just an above average actor, but I had to kept silence all these while because had I said this last year, I would have been considered as ‘Sushant hater’ by many.

Because the emotions were attached with Sushant no one, absolutely no one cared to see the other side of the coin, that not only his professional buddies, but his close relatives can also be the reason for him to take the step that he shouldn’t have in the first place. The law-keepers don’t go with emotions and I am sure they must have checked this side as well. But because Rhea Chakraborty was Sushant’s girlfriend so we can say anything about her that was the scenario just last year on the social media and on certain TV channels that literally tarnish the image of Rhea prematurely as the case is still sub-judice.

Just imagine if tomorrow CBI or a court gives clean chit to Rhea what will be the reaction of those TV channels and social media users who made some serious allegations against her? I don’t think anything will happen. They may start the theory about someone who is part of the trial has been bribed and then cry for a while and shamelessly move on.

In Aryan Khan’s case, which is more recent or in other words ‘ongoing’, on prima facie it seems that Aryan has been involved in consuming drugs if not selling it or transporting it. Consuming drugs may not be that serious offense in India (extremely sorry for my ignorance towards the understanding of the law if there is any) but trading or transporting the same is a huge crime. On moral stand no one, including Aryan Khan should consume drugs, but he is not the first one to do so.

I have noticed that since the turn of the century consuming drugs has become ‘cool thing’ among the youngsters and our movies and web series are proof of that mentality as they glorify drug consuming more often than not. In my younger days I have also found people taking drugs, Sanjay Dutt case was the prime example of that, but it was still considered to be an evil thing so there was kind of a moral control over the crave of consuming drugs among the youngsters.  But, as I mentioned above now a days it has become something cool and a must do thing if you are a youth, especially from financially well off families.

Let us come back to the point again. Aryan Khan should definitely be prosecuted for the crimes he has committed, but again media trial and social media trial have taken over the things unfortunately. There is a general belief in our society that a celebrity or his or her family must be treated harshly for whatever crime they have done no matter how smaller or bigger they are. Because the common man has to suffer in his routine life why not for once a celebrity should also face the music, no matter what the law says.

Even crime done by political parties and politicians are also seen with biased glasses in our country. Even self-proclaimed neutral media is heavily biased against a particular political party for last 15 to 20 years so are the political party followers on social media are. If my favorite party’s leader has committed serious crime then I either will keep a silence or will try to save him with whatever logic suites my argument. But, if the same crime has been committed by a politician of a party that I highly dislike then I will be at the top of my voice on the social media and as for an immediate arrest of that particular leader.

After reading till this point you must be thinking that I am heavily biased towards celebrities and I believe that they are above the law of the land. No! On the contrary I believe that the law of the land should be equal to every citizen of India. If we want justice for Sushant Singh Rajput because we love him so much then we must wait for the standard law procedures to be followed and that should be our stand as well when we talk about Aryan Khan as well.

I am also aware that those who are rich and famous do get bails and other law provided concessions quickly because they can hire big advocates and normal person doesn’t have that luxury because he doesn’t have the money. But then this is what it is. This has been the thing since decades and we have to live with it.

The only thing I wish to convey through this blog is, that we need to be aware of law, law practices and how our courts and law implementing agencies work. In each such case one can’t deny a political or rival interests conspiracy as well. So whatever views today we carry, may turn out to be totally opposite after few years when a verdict is delivered and we might have to hide our face from the self.

Be judicious about opinion about judicious process of our country. It may be slow but it will deliver justice someday, and that justice may not match our expectations as well, and if that happens we need to remain calm and acceptable. So time is extremely important factor when you want to give your final opinion on the things happening in the world of crime and in the world of justice.

Best wishes on Navaratri!

7th October 2021, Thursday




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