Attack on Hinduism will not give strength to your ‘secularism’


India is a Hindu majority country and no one, absolutely no one can doubt that fact. But for the last two decades at least, it’s Hindus who are getting attacked and insulted almost every day. Be the attack is on their faith, their rituals, their beliefs, their traditions, or even their political alignment, Hindus are getting bashed and thrashed every time by so-called intellectuals. It is obvious that such a thing can happen to Hindus when the former Prime Minister of India can say in public that minorities of the country have the first right to the country’s resources.

All this bashing and insulting of Hindus is done in the name of protecting ‘secularism’. The meaning of secularism is clear, not taking the side of any religion. But in India secularism is not loving Hindus, infect to attack and malign their image in the outside world is the true meaning of secularism. Also, depriving Hindus of their rights and giving them to other religions is also called secularism in India. This is the mindset or the agenda of the intellectuals.

Most of these intellectuals are left-liberals who on one side pretend that they are seculars, which means they are or they cannot be partisan with any religion, but actually they are the ones who enjoy Hindu bashing the most by keep mocking them day in and day out. They are so naïve that while bashing or insulting or making an attack on Hindus they make sure that they remain lovable towards the followers of other religions existing in India despite knowing that those religions don’t even see them as humans as many of them are not the followers of their religions.

These people feel that every attack on Hindus or on their beliefs will crack the religion and thus the parties whom they silently support will gain in elections. But ever since social media has increased its footprints in India, this logic has failed miserably. For the last six to seven years Hindus, especially the younger Hindus the more intelligent Hindus than their previous generations have come forward to protect their fellow Hindus from this vicious attack by Left-Liberals and they are now masters of defeating anti-Hindu attack with facts.

But the shameless Left-Liberals still keep on attacking Hindus despite getting defeated time and again and that too with bigger humiliation every time. For the last many years the same Left-Liberals have started a new lie factory called ‘fact-checking websites’ to attack Hindus. They single out incidents where someone from the minority community has been attacking and then they give communal color to that incident in the name of a fact check.

One would notice that there are rare or almost next to none fact checks on incidents where an attack has been made by a minority person or a group from minorities and as a matter of fact is that such incidents are happening more and more across India than Hindus attacking minorities. In the name of Love Jihad such brutal attacks have come out in public more and more in the recent past, but one can’t see a single fact check by these websites. On the contrary, they would do a fact (or fake) check which would deny any attack on Hindu ever happened.

But, as they say, there is always been a poetic justice or a justice from Bhagvan when injustice keeps on happening. Recently one of the co-founders of the so-called fact-checking website alt news, Mohammad Zubair shared a video where an elderly Muslim man was seen getting attacked by some people and forcefully shove his beard (or tried to shove) and forced him to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram.’ This video was given a communal color not only by Zubair himself but also by his colleagues at alt news and also by some prominent and usual suspect ‘secular’ journalists. As happens normally this video was made viral on social media and those usual suspects gave their verdict that Hindus are not human and they don’t want followers of other religions to live peacefully in the country.

This alleged incident happened in Loni, falls on the border of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh hence the Ghaziabad Police took cognizance of the incident and made an inquiry about it. After a thorough inquiry was done, the Ghaziabad police found that the attack was made by six boys, and out of the three were Muslims. All of these attackers had some personal issue with that person whom they attacked and there was no communal theory found.

Attack on Hindus SiddTalks

One more point that must be put forward here is that the video that Mohammad Zubair tweeted had no sound and yet he claimed that people while attacking were forcing that elderly gentleman to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram.’ Mind you this is not the first time that fake information was spread about Muslims getting forced to chant Jai Shri Ram. In past, many such fake news has been demolished but this time an FIR has been filed not against Zubair and his supporters for spreading rumors but also against Twitter which did not flag the video as ‘manipulated media’.

This is the level of cunningness these Left-Liberals carry with them. They behave as if they have no fear of the law. They make anti-Hindu videos viral at such a level as if they feel that there is no one to counter and to expose them. Despite they have been exposed day in and day out, they keep on fear-mongering among the minorities of India so that their agenda should not get any hurdle.

But, the fun thing comes now. After Ghaziabad police gave the detailed summary of the case Mohammad Zubair withdrew his video by tweeting that he is doing this after ‘checking’ with the authorities and the journalists who were on the ground and found that there was no force to chant Jai Shri Ram. Imagine, this is what the co-founder of a fact-checking website is saying after his fake propaganda fell flat.

Being a fact-checker his utmost duty was to check the incident first and not later when Ghaziabad Police came out with the truth. As a fact-checker, he should have refrained from posting a video that has no voice, and even if he has posted a voiceless video then it shouldn’t have been attached with the comment that people are forcing that elder man to chant Jai Shri Ram. These are the basics that a fact-checker must go through before putting anything on social media. Even those who are not claiming to be fact-checkers take this much caution before they post anything which has very sensitive content.

But then, the singular motive was to attack Hindus and to throw dirt on their image he must have seen no need to check the fact. Who knows, he could have seen an opportunity to create a false story, that he is used to do in the past? Any possibility is possible when you are a known hater of a particular religion. One more thing, Hindus never force anyone to chant their religious slogans, be it Jai Shri Ram, Radhe Radhe, or Har Har Mahadev. Even while greeting the fellow Hindu they don’t force him to return the compliment if the other person is not interested in doing so. So thinking about a Hindu forcing someone from another faith to chant his religious slogan is out of imagination.

Forcing others to chant someone’s religious slogans can be an existing factor in other religions and it is a possibility that they strongly believe that because their religion demands such things Hindus too would be demanding always to forcefully chant their religious slogans. Still, it is not their fault because for them Hinduism and Hindus are the most intolerant religion and people on the planet earth so it is obvious that their belief about Hindus would remain like that.

Another attempt was made this week only to malign the image of Hindus just for the political gains by the AAP MP Sanjay Singh. He alleged that there is something fishy in the land dealings for Ram Janmabhoomi Tirth Sthal. Without going deeper into the matter one would check what the stand of the Aam Aadmi Party was when Supreme Court gave its verdict in favor of Hindus. One of their tallest leaders reacted to the verdict by saying that it would be better if there was a hospital being built on the place where Bhagvan Ram took birth rather than building a temple.

The same Aam Aadmi Party supporters made statements that they would not donate a single penny for the Ram Mandir, not only that they even provoked people to do the same. When such people who were not at all in favor of Ram Mandir and have not donated a single paisa towards it and the same people start worrying about the funds being used to build the mandir, I think it is self-explanatory on whom to believe and whom not to. The funny part was that Sanjay Singh made these allegations just a day or two before when his supreme leader Arvind Kejriwal visited Gujarat, which is known as a fortress of BJP, which is known as the Hindu religious party world over.

The only reason here for adding the Ram mandir issue in this blog is that attack on Hindus can come with different faces. One face is like spreading fake narrative by insulting their beliefs or their practices, what alt news and Mohammad Zubair did and the other face is to create a foggy screen that something is really wrong in the accounts of Ram mandir trust. This foggy screen is also created to slow down the process of building the Ram Mandir which has seen a struggle of not less than six centuries in various courts. First, they would level baseless allegations then the matter would go to courts and then courts would stay the work going on to build the Ram mandir.  By slowing down the process they feel that they can cut the votes of pro-Hindu political parties as they would look like failing the promise they made to build a grand Ram Mandir in Ayodhya.

But again as I have been saying this time and again, thanks to social media that it breaks such fake narratives within no time at all and that too with befitting facts, and thus the voter is helped to vote for the right person or for a right party when he presses the EVM button silently.

17th June 2021, Thursday




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