Here is why should India not help Pakistan to come out of its economic crisis

India has recently helped Turkey when it faced one of the world's worst earthquakes just recently, but this calamity faced by Pakistan and its people are man-made so why India should help Pakistanis?

India should help Pakistanis
Narendra Modi and Shahbaz Sharif (Photo Courtesy: Hindustan Times

The left-wing ecosystem in India is still very much strong and it can still throw its core agenda pretty powerfully. Last week Bollywood lyricist Javed Akhtar visited Pakistan and gave Pakistanis a good lecture on terrorism that is being exported to India by them. Javed Akhtar himself is a proud left-winger and suddenly a chorus started singing that well done Javedbhai, but now the time has come that India should help Pakistanis in their worst moment of economic crisis.

Many right-wingers feel that this is probably a conspiracy of the ecosystem by using Javed Akhtar’s statements in Pakistan to force the Indian government to help Pakistan so that it can get a little bit of a breather. Personally, I don’t think that is the case. In the past, the late Indian actor Firoz Khan too showed the mirror to the Pakistanis during a program in Pakistan. It was told that he was under the influence of alcohol while delivering that lecture. But then this is what the ‘ecosystem’ is all about, they can malign the image of anyone to match their anti-India agenda.

So, the point is that Javed Sa’ab might have said what he said in Pakistan with pure emotions that he might have felt during these years. But at the same time, Indians will not believe him that he is a changed person now and he is as nationalist as we are. Also, the conspiracy theory should also be thrown out of the window because whatever has happened has happened naturally. Just that the ecosystem is trying to milk Javed Akhtar’s statements for their benefit.

Now, let us come back to the main issue of this blog. We all know that the Narendra Modi government is totally opposite to the previous government and would entertain any emotional card on Pakistan. All previous governments including Atal Behari Vajayee’s BJP majority government would have fallen into this trap that India should help Pakistanis because they are on the verge of collapse. We have experienced a strong foreign policy by this regime time and again and that gives me confidence that it will not budge to any emotional or political pressure and will ultimately send help to Pakistan to get out of the economic mess it has created by its own misdeeds.

When Pakistanis faced floods a last year India was one of the countries that send medical and food assistance but then it was a natural calamity. Recently Indians won the hearts of the people of Turkey when it became the first country to help the people after a devastating earthquake just a few weeks back. But this economic calamity has been created by Pakistanis, I mean the Pakistani rulers only. We all know that when Pakistan was prospering what it did to us and now it is a payback time by just move our eyes away from distractions produced by the ecosystem.

I am not an economist but I certainly understand that an economically weak Pakistan or a Pakistan that is plunged into a civil war is more dangerous for India than a prosperous or economically well-to-do Pakistan is. But I think that Narendra Modi and S Jaishankar and other big heads in the external affairs ministry and also in the home ministry have already set a better plan to save India from a broken Pakistan that is involved in civil war.

Ever since this rogue nation has been created it has been a throne in the heart of India. For more than seven decades Pakistanis have hardly tried to remain at peace with India, they always want our Kashmir first and then the rest of India. For them, just six years back taking Kashmir from India was just a matter of time because the previous governments in India were either reluctant or afraid to be strong within the limits of Kashmir that we have.

But ever since the Modi government has taken over things have started to improve slowly but surely in Kashmir. After the abolishment of article 370 from the state things have changed drastically. Even those who were criticizing the abolishment of article 370 are now roaming in Jammu & Kashmir with utmost joy which was not possible just a couple or three years ago. But Pakistan has not stopped.

Even while facing poor economic conditions, high inflation, and internal security threats, Pakistan has not stopped helping terrorists in Jammu & Kashmir. For the last few months, the terrorists are targeting those who have come to Kashmir to earn their bread from the various parts of India. This is happening because maybe the Kashmiris have experienced a positive change after they technically became part of India after article 370 was scrapped. Hence Pakistan sponsored terrorists may not be getting help from the locals so they are targeting the non-Kashmiris so that they can remain in contention and if getting the slightest of chances they may try to strengthen their foothold once again.

So, the point is that despite not having enough food stocks to feed their citizens Pakistani rulers are not stopping giving financial help to keep the terror activities going in Jammu & Kashmir, so why should India help Pakistanis that is the simple question any nationalist Indian would ask to that ecosystem. But the ecosystem is so shameless that such questions won’t affect it at all and on the contrary, it will call the nationalists anti-humans.

Pakistan has given us thousands of wounds in the last 77 years and what it is getting right now is what it really deserves. If you want to call me inhuman for possessing such strong feelings about our neighboring country, then so be it. I have knowledge of so many Pakistan-sponsored terror attacks across India in the last many years. It is the Pakistani state that was encouraging and helping terrorism to finish or weaken India and Indians from within. At the same time during all those years, the Pakistanis (common citizens of Pakistan) never came in unison to oppose their rulers’ policy to kill Indians as they all wanted Kashmir and India to become part of Pakistan.

So I also do not believe that the Pakistani state and Pakistanis are two different species. If that was the case then India would have prospered more than it is today because then we would not have to fight the unannounced war against them that lasted for seven decades and even continues today in the pockets of Jammu & Kashmir. If not stopping its government from spreading terror in India is not inhuman then voicing against India should help Pakistanis cry is also not inhuman for sure.

Personally, I trust my government that even in the worst-case scenario where the Pakistanis are fighting with each other for food and other essentials, and before our border states (I am living in one of those states) feel the burn or even after it feels the heat, it has a strong plan to tackle those rogue Pakistanis hurting Indians. I believe in Karm (or Karma in English) and what Pakistanis are getting these days is their Karm only. They burned India for 75-plus years and felt happy for that and now it is their turn to see and feel how such kind of pain can be so devastating.

I also believe that my government already has a plan that at a correct moment, and after taking hold of all the nuclear arsenals of Pakistan with the help of other world powers it will break that country in many pieces and not in four or five only so that in next thousand years those people would never even think of harming the Indians. My personal wish is that India should help Pakistanis by breaking their country into many pieces so that we both can live in peace for many years to come.

That’s all for the day friends. Till we meet next time it’s Aavjo from my side.

25th February 2023, Saturday




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