When I was heavily trolled

I am making sort of a comeback in English blogging after almost two and half years and reason for this ‘comeback’ is the below mentioned tweet for which I got heavily trolled.

I joined or say logged in for the first time on Twitter somewhere in August 2009. So it is almost 7 years now since I have been into this ‘140 letter surprise’. On Twitter, I am known as Namo Fan, Bhakt (sometimes even a blind and stupid one as well to a few), mad for Sridevi and Amitabh Bachchan and sometimes even a rightwinger , which I agree I am to some extent. But I was never being called a ‘sanghi’ till two evenings back after I posted the above tweet. It is not that I felt offended being called a sanghi because maybe I don’t endorse RSS and most of its ideologies apart from loving your nation always, but I know it will never act against the interests of my country. But I was surely taken by a surprise that because I raised an issue concerned with an upper caste and middle class of our country I was called a sanghi, as there is an impression that the sangh belongs to those very departments of the Indian society.

Anyways, this blog is no way to clarify what I tweeted, because ever since I have come to terms with libtards and so called secular gang’s existence on Twitter and their modus operandi, I have understood that there is absolutely no need to clarify your stand because A, they will never understand it and B even if they understand they are having a mindset to pretend that they can’t be challenged in the first place and can’t wronged. The reason for me to write this blog is simple and that is whatever I have said or tried to convey in above tweet is now stand vindicated. How? Let me clarify in detail with the various kinds of responses I got by getting trolled by various twitter handles.

The first and immediate reaction from a certain Twitterati was that you never know how the lower caste people still suffering in our country. Now read my tweet again, did I ever say that lower caste people of our country are leaving in heavens? The second and probably the most hard hitting reaction was that I am playing a victim card! From where this analysis came only god knows. Because when I tweeted I never felt that I am a victim and when I am writing this even now I don’t feel I am any kind of a victim in this country. The third type of the reaction was asking me to change my entire identity like my name, surname etc and embrace a lower caste. Again what is the need for me to do that either? The fourth telling reaction was mixing up the lower caste and minority’s apathy, the card which has been played by our politicians for years now.  The fifth and final reaction was obvious and that was abusing me for no reason what so ever, which I happily ignore always.

Now let me throw some light on what made me tweet the above. By the way I have posted similar feelings on Facebook in Gujarati and it got huge appreciation but that is a different issue of a discussion altogether. The tweet in focus came in reaction after the way our politicians rushing towards Una, the small town situated in Saurashtra region of my state Gujarat. The incident was inhuman this is my stand from the very moment I saw that disgusting clip online, as I don’t believe in castism but the way our politicians giving importance to lower caste people along with minorities and did nothing concrete over the years for them is my problem and hence that tweet was posted. There is a huge perception, and a wrong one too in our country that all the upper caste citizens of our country are living in a happy go lucky atmosphere and the lower class section of our country are living in exactly the reverse. Things have changed on the ground, slowly but surely.

At the time of our independence reservations were rightly given to the suppressed people our country and over the years it has those ‘have nots’ have progressed by taking advantage of this facility. But then it became a political tool and the percentage of reservations kept on increasing and a situation arrived when the Supreme Court had to draw a line,  that it should be limited to 49% only. But effectively this 49 percent reservation has even eaten into remaining 51% as well and thus in last few years the upper caste also started feeling strongly that reservation is the only solution for their jobless sons, daughters and friends as well. If that was not the case then the Gujar agitation in Rajasthan, the Jat reservation stir in Haryana and Patidar andolan in my own state Gujarat would not have been so vociferous  and violent. This only means that upper cast is fighting the same problem with unemployment which the lower caste too is dealing with even after getting a big chunk of reservations for more than six decades now. But because the Gujars, the Jats and Patidars are from upper casts they won’t be given caste based reservation as it is not possible under our constitution but yes they were given  or offered with reservation under economically backward status. But even then they will not get it because it easily crosses the limit set by the Supreme Court and those who are in 49% will not get ready to contribute from their share either.

Whether I agree with Patidar agitation in my state is a different thing but I would partially agree with Hardik Patel’s reaction that reservation for the economically backward class is nothing but a lollypop. Because the state government wanted to end the agitation here or in Haryana they gave this status and reservation in a haste.Had they and rest of the political parties been serious about it they would have made similar and serious efforts like what they are doing for Una victims by making an amendment in constitution. So this again proves my point that upper caste middle class has no one to listen to their problems and they are more or less on their own. If I explain my caste, we are nagars, upper caste of course, found mostly in Gujarat  and we hardly make even 5% of total population of Gujarat, so we can’t gather a huge crowd like Patidars if we want reservation or a help from our government. But on the other hand we, the nagars hardly bother about it either. We live in our own world where nation’s interest is always first so I don’t see we will even think of trying to get something called reservation for our kids because we believe in hard work and self-belief always pays policy. Hence this is my answer to all those trolls who felt I am playing victimhood or those who advised me to change my identity or to those who were lecturing me on apathy of lower castes, because like my co-caste brothers and sisters I too believe in hard work only and I am proud that I am a self-made person.

Stumps !!!

One of my Facebook friend who has information of FIR filed against Una culprits told me that most of the accused are from ST and one is a Muslim and there is only one person from upper caste. Plus there is also an angle which suggests that there was kind of personal animosity between two groups, so the question is where is the upper cast oppression here?

23.07.2016, Saturday


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