The last laugh

Last laugh may come late and at a price, but it is the best laugh because it is the last laugh.

This is what I loosely posted in Gujarati on Facebook last evening after reading all those status, comments and tweets which refused to give any credit to the Modi government for the surgical strike carried out the other night. They were the same people who were making cheap fun about this very government just a few days back and ever since the Uri attacks were unfolded. Their point was that this government only believes in ‘bhashans’ and not in actions. We all are aware what political side these people always take when such incident happens in our country since last three decades, so probably they were of the thought that this government is no different from the one they have been supporting for last thirty years.

To be very honest, despite being ‘bhakt’ I too was only hoping but not believing that our government will show an extra gut to cross the LOC and strike down Pakistani terror camps apart from doing the needful on isolating that rogue nation on the international stage. But it happened; it really happened and because, like me and many other bhakts across the social media spectrum, it was one of those promises which were promised prior to the Lok Sabha elections of 2014, which actually got delivered  and thus it was time to feel proud about. But for those who were not expecting this to happen just because for the sake of not expecting it and also did not want it to happen so that they can keep on abusing and bashing the Modi government for longer period of time, it was time to co-op with the shell-shocked state of mind, just like the two Sharifs and bunch of other butchers from the other side of the border.

It is obvious that when you are not ready for a situation which has come falling down suddenly on your head and you don’t know how to react, but you are forced to react because you have already blabbered against such situation in the recent past, you start to speak nonsense and also hell bent yourself to make others believe in your nonsense. Since the surgical strike news broke in the morning yesterday, the two main social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter went totally mad. Obviously those who were feeling proud about their nation’s army’s brave act were in charge first and till the most of the days’ time. But as the day marched on and dust started to settle, those who were shell shocked gained their conscious and started trying hard to make their point ‘valid’.

As I mentioned earlier, when you are coming out of unconsciousness, you probably are not aware of what you are saying or behaving and when you are doing exactly that and some sane person tries to counter you, you reach the next bottom of foolishness. I noticed some of the ‘logics’ being implemented both on Facebook and Twitter were just to deny that such surgical strike has not happened because it is not possible or some insane arguments for not giving credit to the Indian government. I would like to share the synopsis of few such illogical Facebook status and tweets which could make you feel whether these people are with the Indian side or from the other side of LOC.

The first such argument on both the social media platforms was that the Modi government has done nothing and it is our army which called all the shots, just like what Mr. Raj Babbar said in that quick ‘byte’ given to the national media. Yes on the ground, it was our army, which successfully finished this extraordinary operation without getting a single scratch, which is excellent and unheard of. For many years being exclusively targeted by the militants resting across the border this was a moral boosting act by our Jawans who were down on moral just ten days back, hence coming out of such a low and then striking on the enemy so hard is an incredible achievement and more praise for them are actually less. But why shouldn’t our government is also left behind? Just because you were feeling that this government is as good as its predecessors till 1971 and you can keep the luxury of criticizing and abusing it for not doing anything for the next couple of weeks?

Among these people there are few who are really intellectuals, but because of their plain hate against Modi or maybe because of their institutional compulsions they refused to give any credit to Modi government. These are those people who are of the best of the knowledge that our army has to get the orders every day from the government of the day, which is elected by the people of our country, unlike Pakistan where it is the other way around. These people know everything but they don’t want to give the credit to the government of the day because these days it has been led by one Mr. Namenda Modi.

The next ‘excuse’ of not crediting the Modi government for the surgical strikes is because they want to wait for an ‘official word’. Well, despite the press conference being addressed by the DGMO of Indian Army breaking the news they are not ready to believe and want to wait till it is officially confirmed, probably from the Pakistan, which was never going to happen in the first place. Mind you a few of them are from the same lot, which has credited ONLY the army for this act of bravery and they were not ready to believe in what Indian army’s DGMO said right in front of their eyes on their TV sets. To support their ‘logic’ they said that, that boat incident and Myanmar surgical strike were turned out to be the bluff later on and hence they need to wait. Well on both the occasions as far as I know it wasn’t turned out to be a bluff because the opposite sides on both the instances didn’t want to commit that such thing happened. Even then too the navy and the army were sure about it, but just to continue their hate for Modi, they don’t want to believe in our arm forces that they are claiming to be proud of.

There were two different sets of people were trying to educate us on what is the difference between POK and LOC and by doing that they were trying to either downgrading Indian army operation or refused to believe in silent just like Pakistan’s defense minister. The other set was measuring ‘the 56 inch’ inch by an inch and announced that it has just swollen to 26 inches after this operation as only the revenge of Uri has taken place and of not all those terror strikes happened in the past. Over here they are trapped in their own logic because a bhakt like me can automatically point out that he feel proud about his hero because even his haters are expecting him to deliver the revenge for all those terror acts happened ever since the 1971 war got over.

Finally the biggest joke among these came in the final hours of the evening. A certain hater said that it is not “ghar mein ghoos kar” because POK is ours. At least I felt glad that by saying this, that hater fell in line with what Modi said in his 15th August speech this year. There is no doubt that POK is ours, but it is POK and technically it has been illegally occupied by Pakistan for decades now, hence it is like striking in our own house which has been illegally taken control by the enemy, which is as difficult as entering into a real enemy territory. The hate for Modi was such that by saying that they were again demeaning the Indian army whom they want to give the entire credit.

As far as the label of ‘bhakt’ (blind bhakt in other words) is concerned, I, like many other fellow-bhakts, never felt ashamed about it as there was no reason to be. Not a single human is complete and so is Mr. Modi, but there is something which makes him stand apart from the rest of the political leaders we have seen since the death of Shrimati Indira Gandhi in 1984, which makes me or million others to believe in him, to believe in his words, to believe in his actions. If this is bhakti then why not? If considering a leader greater than the others because for him India’s concern is always first just like for me and millions like me, is a bhakti then certainly it is bhakti. After delivering what he said prior to Lok Sabha elections in Rajat Sharma’s ‘Aap ki Adalat’ that India will not look down or up with its neighbors and other nations if he comes to the power and India will look straight into their eyes, even our few inches have grown to a 56 incher yesterday and we are now ‘bhakts forever’!



30.09.2016, Friday


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