The Cunning Kajriwal

The moment finally arrived yesterday which I was waiting since the surgical strikes happened last week in POK. I did not fear, but I was absolutely sure that at least one of the opposition parties if not more will ask for a proof regarding the surgical strikes and the left and the Aam Aadmi Party were my first choice of suspects. With due respect to myself neither one of them disappointed me either. First Sitaram Yechuri questioned the strikes in indirect words by saying that he wasn’t briefed properly etc and yesterday the ‘great’ Arvind Kejrwal came out in his true colors and very cunningly asked for proofs by hiding behind the Pakistani media.

Yesterday, our news channels were showing how a day before the Pakistani authorities along with their army took some 20-30 national and international journalists to the POK where Indians have claimed to have done the surgical strikes. If anyone would have seen those coverages by those who went to the POK and by the Pakistani media in particular, he or she would have realized that they tried their best to mislead the Pakistani public and to some extent the international audience as well. Why it was misleading and was not showing the real picture is really easy to comprehend.

Most of the Pakistani journalists were showing how far the Indian side is stationed from their side of the LOC and how difficult or impossible it is to cross over those jungle areas.  They kept on saying that shelling did happen that night, but there was no incursion by the Indian army as it is claiming just because we are showing you the most difficult ways to cross the LOC. But anyone who follows the Indo-Pak actions, specially the Pakistan army’s behavior, over the years knows that whenever the Pakistani army tried to infiltrate the terrorists into the Indian side via LOC they start heavy shelling to give them a cover. Can’t this simple logic be applied for Indian Para-commandos’ entry into the Pakistan’s side of LOC as well?

One more big lie the Pakistani tried to convey was that there was no sound of any chopper during that night. None of the army personnel or the locals heard such sound. Well, it is like a situation like when no one is singing; you can’t hear the song right? Indian army on the very first day clarified that no chopper was used by them and the entire operation was conducted on soil. Our commandos took the longer route of 8 kilometers and thus they could penetrate the 3 kilometer area of the POK and dismantled the terror launch pads. So this argument shouldn’t have arisen in the first place, forget denying it.

But, the great Kejriwal who got angry at the Pakistani media and suddenly he recorded the video 5 days after the surgical strikes were happened and posted it on Twitter and various other social media platforms. Within no time #AKBacksModiOnPAK started to trend on Twitter, thanks to AAP bots’ always reliable and dedicated service team. No wonder many of us got happily curious to know the reason that how Kejriwal finally got something to praise PM Modi otherwise we have lost hope long back about such things to happen. The video is more than 2 minutes long and for a second we couldn’t believe our eyes that Kejriwal has actually saluted PM Modi that too on camera!

But as movie critics like me, most of the time say that after the interval the story took the turn on its head and the same thing happened over here too. By hiding behind the Pakistani media’s lies mentioned above, Kejriwal indirectly asked ‘Modiji’ to give proofs that whether the surgical strikes really happened or not. This is what Arvind Kejriwal and his school of thoughts is all about. The gang always considers that they are more than the holy cow and thus whatever they say people of the country will believe in them and if they don’t believe then they should. After what people have seen Kejriwal’s inaction and theatrics in Delhi every day the glitter was all but gone a long time back.

So, over here too Kejriwal thought that after watching his video, the Indians will start asking the government of India for proof just to show the Pakistani media that we are not lying. By posting this video Kejriwal actually tried to act like a cunning fox, which he really is. He knew that by including Pakistani media in his ‘request’ to public the proofs he will further incite the sentiments of the Indian public, which is already high against the Pakistan as a nation more and that too in his favor. He even knows that the Indian government and army will reveal, as told on the very day after the surgical strikes that, the proofs will be released at an appropriate time.

What Kejriwal actually want is to make people doubt the Modi government by playing an innocent and obvious looking video. But he forgets, like many other media persons and social media fidayeens which I talked about last week that the press conference regarding the surgical strikes was addressed by the Indian DGMO and thus Kejriwal in trying to question the Modi government, just to score his petty political points, doubts our nation’s brave army men only. This is the simple logic, which every political party sitting in the opposition knows and that is why they are keeping their mouth shut.

Don’t you think that when no less than 5 states going for a poll in the next few months all our political parties would like to gain a ground? The Congress, the Samajwadis, Nitish, Laloo all want to question the Modi government so they can gain some political points, but they are mature enough to know the consequences because the issue is directly connected with a nation’s army which is its ultimate pride. When our army says something has happened, there is no question of denying arises at all and that should be it! But then how can we expect such maturity from Kejriwal?

The simple question to Kejriwal is that why should a government respond to another nation’s media’s lies. He must read what Syed Akbaruddin, India’s permanent representative in the UN said and should stop right there. Pakistani media had already quoted Kejriwal a few days back on the issue of isolating Pakistan internationally. One should not be surprised if tomorrow the same Pakistani media will quote Kejriwal, as the CM of Delhi, the capital of India doubting his country’s own army. The irony is that the person who never able to give credible proofs after doing the hit and run job on various political parties of India is asking for a proof and that too against a brave act of our army.


On the other-side of the river ‘Yamuna’.



04.10.2016, Tuesday




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